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Jon Selbo

After finding his passion for electronic music in 2012, Jon Selbo began building his stature as a house and techno artist. Through years of studying the roots of house music, digging through countless records, he has found his own individual style. Playing a variety of modern house music fused with an assortment of classic house tracks, his DJ sets always get the room moving. Alongside his solid selection, his up and coming productions look to make a big impact in the coming years. Taking influence from some of the earlier Detroit Techno and Chicago House, he aims to blend current house trends with the raw, analog sounds found in these earlier influential genres.

With a desire to provide fellow ravers with an education in classic house music alongside a few crowd favourites, Jon Selbo has teamed up with lifelong friend Jake Stock to create their new brand, Monkey Barz. Their brand has a focus on showcasing some of the finest music about, whilst trying to provide an exciting new vibe for current rave goers. With lots in store for the future, be prepared for what Monkey Barz and Jon Selbo have to come.

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