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Patrice Rushen in her prime with this absolute classic that always works on the dance floor. We’ve been playing it out at our last couple of parties if you “haven’t heard” and can confirm its a belter. It’s been remixed and edited countless times however nothing compares to the original.

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One 5am alarm. Two missed trains. One cancelled train. Two new best mates. One bottle of Buckie. Unknown amounts of Tennent’s. And one unreal gig. SCOTLAND YOU WERE CLASS. 

On Saturday 29th of June 2019 we closed Hannah’s Choice in Dundee, Scotland. It was our first gig outside of London, let alone England and we loved every second and hope that people who were at the event felt the same way. But before all of that we had a bit of an unorthodox journey to the gig. Not being allowed on our original train to Scotland for no reason at all, instead of going to Edinburgh as planned and changing trains to Dundee, we were put on the longest train journey of all time, stopping by virtually every town on the way up and heading to Glasgow. But with every cloud there is a silver lining, and that silver lining was Darren or ‘Dazza’ - train manager from Virgin Trains. Normally you dread the sight of a ticket inspector whilst on a journey to somewhere, maybe you have forgotten your railcard, maybe you said you have a railcard and don’t, or maybe you don’t even have a ticket and plan on hiding in the train toilet for the entire journey. But not this guy. Noticing we were looking through music on our laptops prior to the gig he stopped and asked where we were going and what were we doing. After saying we were DJing in Dundee that evening he decided to impart some knowledge, turns out he was an absolute dance music catalogue of unreal tunes. Playing tracks from the likes Cybotron, Drexciya and Afrika Bambaataa. After sharing music for a while it was time for him to get off the train, saying his goodbyes over the train tannoy and announcing that Monkey Barz would be playing in Dundee that night and that everyone should check it out whilst blasting a track at the same time, I’m sure first class loved it. Look out for the mix coming from Dazza soon on our website ;) 

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Reaching Glasgow we took the train to Dundee, however the train was like a sauna, the lights didn’t work and upon reaching Stirling (still nowhere near Dundee) the train was terminated. Now there were two options… wait at the platform for an hour for the next train or find a boozer and start sending it. Being sensible we chose the second option. On the way out of Stirling we met a lad called Tommy who was on our train and also on the way to Dundee. He showed us the nearest pub to the station and got the pints in. Top lad. After discussing some key issues about Scottish football the next train arrived and we reached Dundee. FINALLY. And of course it was lashing it down whilst at home it was 33 degrees and the hottest day of the year so far. Fantastic. But all hope was not lost as upon reaching our apartment we were greeted by a bottle of Buckfast aka Buckie. But this was no ordinary bottle, this was a customised bottle with our logo printed onto the label. We proceeded to go mad and after 2 minutes of being in the apartment we had already received a noise complaint. Classic. 

But the gig was something special. Not playing out of London before, we really had no idea what to expect and what type of music people would enjoy. ADR played first from 12am-1am letting the people hear a variance of fast paced house and techno with acid lines throughout, also giving people a chance to listen to his track ‘Assist’ for the first time. The track has been getting a lot of playing time recently by respected DJs and producers within the scene, most notably Steve Lawler who has been consistently playing the track in his sets for a good while now and it always seems to go down a storm. ‘Assist’ will be released on Electric Party People on 19th July 2019. 

NGNR and Jake Stock finished things up for the final 2 hours of the night going back to back, playing a range of Detroit techno from the likes of Robert Hood and house from the likes of Denis Sulta for the first hour. The second hour took a different turn and a range of old disco and Italo Disco was played which the crowd really took to, a huge change of style to what had been played throughout the event. Finishing up with tracks from the Keinemusik boys such as ‘What To Do’ and ‘Tell Me We Are’ to nicely round off a marathon day into night party. 

With the gig over, it was time to wonder back to the apartment to be up and out early to return to London on the Sunday. With enough time to have a dig around a record store to find some gems to take home and also squeeze in one last pint, we prepared our self for the 6 hour train ahead. Decent place to write a blog post I guess…

Till next time Scotland !

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DJ HMC aka Late Nite Tuff Guy is an Australian DJ/Producer who has toured the world over for decades now and has produced some of the ‘hottest’ (no pun intended) tracks in the disco and house music scene.

His track ‘Hot!’ released in the late 90s and has been a favourite amongst DJs ever since. A true stomper of a record that can set a dance floor a light at any given time.

Unfortunately, to get your hands on this gem you are going to have to take a trip down to your local record store and dig through every bin to try and find it, alternatively head to Discogs.

We wish you the best of luck!

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O'Flynn is one of the fastest growing names in the scene right now, DJing all over the UK and across Europe.

His latest EP on Silver Bear Recordings features tracks 'Sunspear' and a re-release of a track that has been played everywhere in recent years and never fails to deliver on the dance floor - 'Tru Dancing'.

Both of these tracks are absolute belters, every time we have played them out they always receive huge praise from the crowd.

This EP is a must have for DJs this summer with its world music samples and high energy throughout, these are two tracks made for peak time partying and are tracks that people can really have fun to on the dance floor.

Stream the EP below !

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On Saturday 13th April 2019, we took over the famous Horse & Groom Disco Pub on Curtain Road, Hackney. Here we held our very first Italo inspired house and disco party and what a night it was.

One of our first requests was that everyone coming to the party got kitted out in their finest vintage sportswear as a homage to those early 80s Italo vibes. We can certainly say that we were not disappointed! A massive thank you goes out to everyone who really got stuck in with this. Seeing those classic track tops and vintage football shirts darting around the place, you all looked amazing and helped take the night back a few decades.

All of our DJs agreed that we loved being able to play crowd favourites like ABBA and also dig out some older favourite of ours that most of you may never had heard before! These are the vibes we are looking for from our parties. A real party feel.

The atmosphere on the night was incredible. Playing this style of music to a sold out venue of people loving every second of it is something we can not thank you enough for ! Anyone who attended the night will tell you that this was a night for letting go and having fun. Over at Monkey Barz, it’s about bringing that back as we feel its been lost across the club scene. Things are becoming way too serious and not just about enjoying the moment. Once again a huge thank you to everyone who came and got lost in the music with us on the night. If you missed out, then that’s just a shame. Luckily for you, we will have more of this madness in the near future.

Finally, thank you to the guys over at The Horse & Groom for looking after us so well !

If you would like to hear some of the gems that we played on the night, follow and listen to the latest additions in our playlist bellow !

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Thru the Madness, a collaboration from a pair of Detroit’s finest producers - Brian Kage and Omar S. 

We first heard this release in Phonica Records last summer, digging through the bins in search of some inspiration and stumbled across a new Omar S record which instantly grabbed our attention.

Both tracks on the EP are equally as perfect for different parts of a night.

The original mix, a classic house feel that will take you back to the 90s. A beautiful combination of raw analog drum patterns and a funky bassline paired with a stand out vocal hook that’s bound to stay in your head for a while. An exceedingly strong collaboration from the pair of them we must say.

The flip is a mix from Honk & Nik. This provides a much deeper feel containing exciting layers of drum breaks alongside rich Detroit style pads. Together with some disco influenced guitar parts layered on top to give a perfect late night mix.

Stream the EP below to see which is your favourite !

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Out now on Correspondant Records, Belfast raised Hammer has just released his latest EP, Jupiter. Consisting of three original tracks from himself and two strong remixes supplied by Margot and Bawrut, this EP is definitely a solid follow up to his previous major releases.

The title track on the EP has two different approaches. The first entitled Jupiter - Synths is a stripped back version focusing on spacious synths and blissful atmospherics. We can imagine this would be a great set starter for any innovative DJ looking to set the mood from the off.

Hammer then proceeds to deliver his second approach, Jupiter - Beats. This is clearly more of a energetic rhythm in which a distinct rolling drum pattern has been incorporated to help push the track along into the early hours of the morning. Joining the party as well are Margot with their exceptional remix of Jupiter. A fresh new bassline brought in allowing for even more life to be injected into what was an already outstanding production.

Rounding off the EP is Hammer’s track, L’orange. With its dynamic bassline driving the whole way through the song, topped with a lush melody that opens up the further you progress, it is a classic bit of work from Hammer. Finally, Bawrut has also stepped up to provide us with his break-beat take on L’orange, this one has energy written all over it.

It was hard to pick a favourite from this formidable collection of tunes so we’ll let you decide. Stream the EP below!

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In this post we will be taking a look at our favourite club in London, PHONOX.

Phonox is a relatively new addition to London’s club scene, having opened its doors in September of 2015. Located on Brixton Road, Phonox is a 550-capacity venue split between two floors. At ground level is the dance floor, you won’t be able to miss it, just look out for a huge disco ball hanging from the ceiling with lasers shooting off it. Downstairs is the basement, where you will most likely start or end your night. Its relaxed bar and comfortable seating make it the ideal place to edge your way into a night with a few drinks or chill out towards the end. These elements combined have led to Phonox becoming an integral part of London’s club culture.

Musically, Phonox is mainly focused on giving London the very best in house, techno, disco and funk, sounds which are all delivered through the club’s Funktion-One system. The focus on these genres has been made clear by the Saturday night residents Phonox has brought to SW9 since opening. Names including - Jasper James, HAAi and their latest resident Esa. We have been able to witness all three of these world class DJs and producers take the booth at Phonox and although it is tough to see one leave, the anticipation of waiting for the next resident announcement is unmatched. Along with the Saturday night residency, Phonox also showcases one night only events and month-long residencies, bringing some of the world’s best DJs and producers to the club. These events generally take place on Friday nights and Sunday evenings, with some weeknight parties as well. The current Friday night resident is Midland, playing five nights at the club this month. So, if you have not been to Phonox before make sure one of his dates is your first visit.

Phonox really is a throwback to the past, with an emphasis on no phones before you enter the front door. Resulting in the crowd being musically driven and focused on dancing, rather than shining annoying phone flashes in DJs faces, to later post videos on Snapchat or Instagram. Phonox is a club that always makes you feel welcome whenever you return back. Whether it is the regulars who attend weekly, the more than friendly staff or new friends you meet on the dance floor, you will always feel comfortable and at home here.

We cannot speak highly enough of this club as we have had some of our best nights out to date inside of its walls. Take a trip to Phonox to find out for yourself. One more thing, there is a Morley’s across the road supplying some of the best post night out scran you will find.

Monkey Barz Phonox Club Space Blog Post Image.jpg

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Welcome to Behind The Barz. This is our new blog space where we will be discussing music, artists, DJs, clubs and pretty much anything we get up to! Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to never miss an article!

Cracking on with this first post, we will be looking at an outstanding remix of one of Guy Gerber’s records entitled “What To Do”. This remix has been provided by Keinemusik’s own, &ME and is nothing short of impressive.

The first time we heard this remix we knew it was something special. Taking an already great track from Guy Gerber and injecting some of that &ME soul into it. Choosing to keep the extremely melodic arpeggiator from the original and adding some lush piano chords across the arrangement, &ME really has done the original justice. Of course holding on for 5 minutes until &ME finally gives us a subtle taste of the “What To Do” vocal that has been stuck in our heads for a while now.

After watching Guy Gerber’s set at EXIT Festival 2018 over in Serbia (one for the bucket list we must say) it highlighted the impact that this track has on a crowd. Gerber closing out his 2 hours with the &ME remix of “What To Do” whilst watching the sun rise at some ungodly hour. With the crowd still powering through and loving this track it’s no question that &ME has worked wonders with his remix. No doubt we’ll be hearing this played out a lot more in the near future and at many an afters.

We will be witnessing &ME play at XOYO London in April and again when we to head over to Barcelona this summer to see him and the Keinemusik team in action on the Diynamic Outdoor stage at Off Week Festival. For now though we will just have to keep playing this unreal remix in our sets until it’s time to experience it from the man himself!

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