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Out now on Correspondant Records, Belfast raised Hammer has just released his latest EP, Jupiter. Consisting of three original tracks from himself and two strong remixes supplied by Margot and Bawrut, this EP is definitely a solid follow up to his previous major releases.

The title track on the EP has two different approaches. The first entitled Jupiter - Synths is a stripped back version focusing on spacious synths and blissful atmospherics. We can imagine this would be a great set starter for any innovative DJ looking to set the mood from the off.

Hammer then proceeds to deliver his second approach, Jupiter - Beats. This is clearly more of a energetic rhythm in which a distinct rolling drum pattern has been incorporated to help push the track along into the early hours of the morning. Joining the party as well are Margot with their exceptional remix of Jupiter. A fresh new bassline brought in allowing for even more life to be injected into what was an already outstanding production.

Rounding off the EP is Hammer’s track, L’orange. With its dynamic bassline driving the whole way through the song, topped with a lush melody that opens up the further you progress, it is a classic bit of work from Hammer. Finally, Bawrut has also stepped up to provide us with his break-beat take on L’orange, this one has energy written all over it.

It was hard to pick a favourite from this formidable collection of tunes so we’ll let you decide. Stream the EP below!

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