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In this post we will be taking a look at our favourite club in London, PHONOX.

Phonox is a relatively new addition to London’s club scene, having opened its doors in September of 2015. Located on Brixton Road, Phonox is a 550-capacity venue split between two floors. At ground level is the dance floor, you won’t be able to miss it, just look out for a huge disco ball hanging from the ceiling with lasers shooting off it. Downstairs is the basement, where you will most likely start or end your night. Its relaxed bar and comfortable seating make it the ideal place to edge your way into a night with a few drinks or chill out towards the end. These elements combined have led to Phonox becoming an integral part of London’s club culture.

Musically, Phonox is mainly focused on giving London the very best in house, techno, disco and funk, sounds which are all delivered through the club’s Funktion-One system. The focus on these genres has been made clear by the Saturday night residents Phonox has brought to SW9 since opening. Names including - Jasper James, HAAi and their latest resident Esa. We have been able to witness all three of these world class DJs and producers take the booth at Phonox and although it is tough to see one leave, the anticipation of waiting for the next resident announcement is unmatched. Along with the Saturday night residency, Phonox also showcases one night only events and month-long residencies, bringing some of the world’s best DJs and producers to the club. These events generally take place on Friday nights and Sunday evenings, with some weeknight parties as well. The current Friday night resident is Midland, playing five nights at the club this month. So, if you have not been to Phonox before make sure one of his dates is your first visit.

Phonox really is a throwback to the past, with an emphasis on no phones before you enter the front door. Resulting in the crowd being musically driven and focused on dancing, rather than shining annoying phone flashes in DJs faces, to later post videos on Snapchat or Instagram. Phonox is a club that always makes you feel welcome whenever you return back. Whether it is the regulars who attend weekly, the more than friendly staff or new friends you meet on the dance floor, you will always feel comfortable and at home here.

We cannot speak highly enough of this club as we have had some of our best nights out to date inside of its walls. Take a trip to Phonox to find out for yourself. One more thing, there is a Morley’s across the road supplying some of the best post night out scran you will find.

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